Artwork size and duration

16:9 (landscape)

A 10% safe margin should be used to ensure no information is cropped from the side of the screen.

This is our standard advert length. Other timings may be possible – please contact us for details.

Content guidelines

The Big Screen is a ‘public space broadcasting’ channel. It provides information and entertainment for those viewing it but does not provide the viewer with choice. Any content should minimise thepotential for causing offence and must not infringe legal rights.

Offensive language is one of the most frequent causes of complaint for broadcasters. Judgementsabout its use are difficult because they depend on tone and context. As a guideline, any contentsubmitted for broadcast should not contain what is generally accepted to be offensive language.

Content that appears to condone or glamorise violence and dangerous or antisocial behaviour andcould encourage others to copy such behaviour will not be acceptable.

Children can be influenced by what they see, hear and read. Careful judgement is required forcontent which might lead to dangerous imitation, including content which shows the use ofdomestic objects in violent acts (e.g. knives, hammers and scissors).

Partial/full nudity will not usually be accepted. Likewise, material that portrays sexual behaviour orcontains explicit sexual discussion will not be accepted unless it can be clearly editorially justifiedand then it will only be considered for a late evening broadcast slot.

Content must avoid offensive or stereotypical assumptions and people should only be described interms of their disability, age, and sexual orientation when there is clear editorial justification.

The Big Screen can be used to promote factual information but it is not specifically intended tochange people’s behaviour. The screen will particularly support campaigns that are directly linked to Leeds City Council’s priorities – health and wellbeing, children and young people, and communities.

On-screen web links will be permitted as long as these are justified within the context of thescreening; for example, to provide additional information or background. Any sites must be clearlyrelevant to the content of the video, free to access and factually accurate.

Product placement and sponsorship logos are not allowed in any explicit manner. Video contentcontaining logos relating to key sponsors are permitted within the credits of the video. Work cannotserve any commercial purpose unless otherwise agreed in advance with Leeds City Council.

There must be a balance between reflecting public attitudes and realism and the danger ofencouraging potentially damaging or illegal behaviour, particularly among children. For broadcaston the Big Screen, content should not encourage, glamorise or condone the use of illegal drugs,smoking, solvent abuse or the misuse of alcohol. It is understood that concert clips, musicalproductions and dramatisations of social activities may contain images of some of the above. Thisonly becomes an issue of debate if the images are stylised to appear unduly appealing.

Suicide, attempted suicide and self-harm should not normally be portrayed. If it is, it should be donewith great sensitivity. Care must be taken to avoid describing or showing methods in any greatdetail, and content producers should be alert to the dangers of making such behaviour attractive tothe vulnerable.

File delivery and deadline

Files under 10MB can be emailed directly, files over 10MB can be sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox to the Leeds Big Screen email address. Please provide the campaign start and end dates.

Artwork needs to be delivered 10 working days prior to campaign launch for approval, loading and scheduling. Any artwork delivered late is not guaranteed to run on time.

When applicable, please provide a valid PO number prior to the campaign start. Invoices will be raised at the start of each campaign.